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작성일 : 16-06-16 11:02
Global Beauty Schools K Biggs - Song Jieun - Crayon Pop, Korean Training Center concert great success finishing
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[= Top Star News reporter Yu hyeji]   Wave Training Center will write the history of Korea Wave back "Global KCenter" opens the door. Prior to November 1, Gyeonggi English Village 內 Wave Training Center "Global K Center" Memorial Open MBC Music and the "Global K Center" is a concert together MBCMusic Prime with 韓流 Training Center, The drama Boys Over Flowers costumes, Rain, BEAST, M. beulrek including many costume Idol We hold a fashion show designed by the designer bakhyerin finished grandly. Biggs concert idol group, Secret (Song Jieun), Rockies, Xtensa, Crayon Pop (Strawberry units) Remaining superpower, Boys Republic, such as the massive national idol 27 team appeared to shine once again the place It was the place to inform the Republic of Korea K-Pop worldwide. Rep. Yoon Sang-hyun and the Korean National Assembly representatives nudang new training center in bakseongjin ceremony, Korea-China-Japan Cultural Association Regional Economic gimgihak Chairman, Senator hangilryong Gyeonggi, Gyeonggi gimdonggyu members, Gyeonggi English Village gimjeongjin-General, Gyeonggi English Village joseonhaeng CEO, Ari corporation, including the Chairman choemyeongbok Personalities from all walks of life attended the more brilliant place.   As of December 2014, subject to national and international students aspiring Korean star first phase starts training "Global K Center" Department of Curriculum K-POP, K model department, K Beauty Department, K Drama Department, K consists of fitness, broadcasting studio with state-of-the-art facilities and recording studios, classrooms, dance practice room, Vocal practice rooms, equipped with runways, etc., and to experience the K-pop travel products and professional training Including training courses can accommodate 20,000 people per year. Also, unlike a possible maximum of 800 trainees stay with the existing educational facilities Entertainment Equipped with accommodation facilities available education in a safe learning environment and harmful elements are blocked, You can gain practical experience on stage in a concert hall that can accommodate up to 600 persons Dacheroun to learn that there is strength training and hands-stage sense Yu hyeji (reporter@topstarnews.co.kr) reporter